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Matt, how did you get to be so cool?

Posted by Tim Bock, Apr 24, 2009.
Matt, how did you get to be so cool?
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Posted by Tim Bock, Apr 24, 2009
I really want to know how to be more like you. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Matt, how did you get to be so cool?
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Posted by Matt Rosen, Apr 24, 2009
It may surprise you to know that I wasn't always this cool. In fact, I used to be quite the opposite. But I knew that there was someone who could help me. Someone who had unlocked the secret of "Cool Juice"...That person was, of course, Steve Urkel from Family Matters.

Very little is known about "Cool Juice" or the later updated version known as "Boss Sauce", but the wikipedia page on Steve Urkel says the following: "During the fifth season, Urkel devised the ultimate plan to win Laura's heart: transforming his DNA using a serum called 'Cool Juice' to suppress his 'nerd' genes and bring out his 'cool' genes. This resulted in the alter ego known as Stefan Urquell."

The "Cool Juice" formula is a very closely guarded secret however, and if it were to ever get out it could lead to global cooling, and then Al Gore would have to make another movie.


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